First breaths of Spring.

Knocking on the door of Spring.

The world is stirring. If you are outside on a regular basis, the world gives you little clues it is waking up from its winter nap. The fields are sporting a new green hue. The winter cast of birds-the titmouse, the snow birds have left. They are replaced by blue birds, numerous robins, downy woodpecker soon to be followed by the swallows. Hubby has put up his Purple Martin house in anticipation of the beloved Purple Martin’s.(Don’t tell him, but the usual irritating birds have already visited, the dreaded starling.)

Do I see a hint of green?

I love the smells: fresh moist dirt, and the absence of the outdoor wood furnace belching out smoke. And I am checking out the garden as I have made mental notes as to what I will plant this year. I have lots of cleaning up to do as I did not get to a lot of my fall clean up chores. It is warming up, but the soil is very wet at the moment due to our recent snow storm.

I am off to attend to chores…checking up on our baby bunnies. 7 have survived 3 nights. If they survive 4, they have a good chance to survive to weaning. My chief concern is that ALL are getting fed. Some are definitely skinnier than others. I will let Saphire handle things, but will keep tabs. Colors are starting to be apparent. We definitely have a black or blue, a couple of chocolates, some lilacs and a fawn or two. We will see.

Hickory, our sheep patient is struggling along. He is moving around, but on 3 legs. The joint on his front left leg is a bit swollen and can’t be straightened. I am giving him twice daily injections of steroids to get the swelling down and encourage he use it. In the meantime, he will get up and hobble or crawl on his knees to move around. I discovered him out under the Magnolia tree munching on a branch of leaves that had fallen during the storm. He is a funny guy. I hope he fully recovers.

Hickory after a breakfast of magnolia leaves.
Hickory is a handsome and knows it.

With daylight savings time now in effect, I have a bit more time for those outdoor chores, and a little romp with guardian dog Nisa. There should be a bit of fun in Spring, right?



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