Greetings from Sweet Tree Hill Farm

Under the Walnut Tree

Well, pull up a seat and hang out under out sprawling walnut trees overlooking the fishing pond beyond the sheep pasture. After a days work, I often relax here to gather my thoughts-do a piece of knitting or reading and enjoy a sip herbed iced tea or maybe some wine. In the evening during this late Spring, I can watch the lambs during this designated play time. They often run in sort of a lamb scrum-a tight bunch that moves as one being. Quite amusing as I count these little events as gifts from living here.

Heather, one of this Spring’s lambs

Sweet Tree Hill Farm is my work and my home. I live here in Central Virginia with my husband and 2 of my sons-who are teenagers. And we raise cashmere goats, angora rabbits and registered Shetland sheep. We are lucky to have growing here some lovely 100 year old pecan and walnut trees along with keifer pear trees and some grapes. In the footprint of a formal English garden, I have taken on a project of creating a Kitchen Garden. So among the foundation plants of box woods, a couple of crepe myrtles and some lillies, I have planted vegetables, herbs, melons and some cutting flowers. I will be sharing some ideas you might be able to use along with recipes for our garden bounty.

The Kitchen Garden

I have built barn shaped dye studio where I dye yarn for my wholesale business, Scarlet Fleece. I house there not only my dye equipment, but a drying area, a skeining, labeling and shipping area, and storage of yarn and dye. And we also are the USA distributor of Landscapes dye by Kraft Kolour of Australia so we store those there too.

We have created a nice life here. It can be hard, challenging and a bit scary as we try to make a living doing what we love. It is not a life for everyone, and we do most of the work ourselves-not a lot of hired hands here. But the satisfaction is enormous and I can’t imagine living any other way. So join me in future posts as I share wool farm life. It is crazy fun and I look forward to your future visits. We’ll save some tea for you.

Herbed Iced Tea

Into a kettle of just boiled water-drop 4 green tea bags and from the garden, bunch together spearmint sprigs along with lemon thyme. Drop that in the water and cover allowing to steep about 25 minutes. Remove herbs and tea bags and pour tea into a pitcher fulled with iced cubes. Put into the fridge until your guests arrive. Enjoy under the shade tree on a hot day.

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